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Janie Campbell Castle and Critter Care

My name is Janie Campbell.  Welcome to my website!  I started my business 3 years ago and love it even more now than I did then!  I wish I had discovered it long ago!

Animals are my passion so pet visits and potty breaks are a natural for me.  I love to visit with the animals in my care – I think I fall a little in love with every one of them!  They are all so different, and it’s wonderful to get to know  the little nuances of each of them!

House checks were a great add-on.  I hear horror stories of people who come back from a lovely vacation to find flooding in the basement or a broken furnace, and insurance doesn’t cover it unless there has been someone checking your house in your absence.  Normally I am required to check the house every 3 days so I can certainly mitigate any damage that may occur in your home.

Please contact me if you are at all interested in my services.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Will your home or building be empty?

Castle and Critter Care House


Leave your home in our capable hands.   Know that it will be checked on a regular basis to minimize the risk and to comply with your insurance coverage.  Castle and Critter Care will ensure it’s safety.

Is your pet more comfortable at home when you are away?

Castle and Critter Care cat picture

You can rest assured that Castle and Critter Care’s daily pet visits will keep stress to a minimum.  Your beloved pet will stay in the comfort and security of their own home!


Is your pet home alone too long during the day?

Castle and Critter Care Dog

If you are away from home longer than you’d like, your pet would really appreciate a little visit, a small walk and some much needed playtime!  We can do that for you too!




Castle and Critter Care is licensed and insured!  We are organized and have the attention to detail that you will love so that you can leave your home and pets with peace of mind.  You will know that the things you value are cared for by the best.

Serving the Kamloops BC area.

Contact us today for all your Castle and Critter Care needs!